60 Year History of AnsaVoice Communications

AnsaVoice was started in Monterey, California in 1950 under the named ‘Telephone Answering Service of the Monterey Peninsula’. When the owner passed away in 1964, our family bought the business and within a few years, Mr Art Dunn shortened the name to Peninsula Answering Service.

Mr Dunn’s cousin, Eugene Constant, joined the business in 1971 and became the owner in 2004 when Mr Dunn retired. When computerization became available in 1979, Peninsula Answering Service slowly transitioned away from the historic switchboard era. We served the local Monterey community until the late 1980’s when new technology enabled answering services to broaden their market area. In recognition that we could now serve extensive geographical regions, the name was changed to AnsaVoice Communications.

In 1988, AnsaVoice became one of the first few answering services to install voice messaging. In 1991, AnsaVoice employed new telephone technology called T-1 services and in 1996 AnsaVoice was the first to employ the revolutionary Wildfire voice activated, automated personal assistant. With the combination of Wildfire, T-1 telephony and superior customer service, AnsaVoice grew quickly throughout California.

With added (voice over internet protocal) VoIP technology, AnsaVoice can now provide services to customers throughout the United States. AnsaVoice remains a very friendly and personal business where you can call the owner, Eugene Constant seven days a week. Very few businesses allow you to reach the owner directly.

He loves creating solutions to fit each client’s situation and is never too busy to handle a problem. He enjoys being close to his customers, and his customers appreciate his availability when the need arises.

Please call us at (800) 909-2672 or Email Us to discuss your specific needs.

For additional information, please contact Eugene to discuss your specific needs: