After Hours Emergency & Tech Support Services

Providing Services to:

Computer / High-Tech Companies
(Tier 1 & 2 support services available as well)

Property Management Companies helping them to handle their service support calls for their apartment complexes and commercial buildings.

Service businesses like Plumbers, Electricians etc.

Doctors and Medical Offices

We can provide our customers with:

24/7 Live Support
All Live Support including 24 hr service

Web Access / Web Answering

Web Portal
Using our Web Portal you can self-program all on-call changes office.

Automated/Semi-Automated on-call services
Economical automated/semi-automated on-call services for less than $30 per month flat rate.

Below is a sample of what our semi-automated on-call service can provide your business at an average FLAT RATE of $59 per month.

Features & Benefits

Voice Mail Screening with Press 0 option - If the call is urgent, the caller can Press 0 and it will dial up the on-call person’s cell phone number or pager. If the on-call person is not available the call will then automatically ring our 24 hr answering service where the call will be handled based upon your instructions.

All on-call changes are easily made by going to our web portal where you can log into your account and make any changes necessary.
Extremely important to be able to reach a live person when the On-call person is not available or unable to take the call.
The on-call person is not bothered by non-urgent calls.

All non-urgent calls are emailed to the office.

Caller ID - Our system will automatically capture the telephone number of the person who called AND it will send the Caller ID number directly to your on-call person’s cell phone or pager.

You will always know who called and the exact time of the call because it will be sent immediately to the cell #.
No longer will the on-call person have to call it to check if there are any messages.
All this information is also easily accessed via our website where you will be given a password and passcode. A great way for management to audit and confirm when calls came in.

Emailing of all Voice Mail Messages - A copy of all messages both voice mail messages and live messages can be sent to one or more people.
Benefit: Management will always get a copy of all calls emailed to them and any other people of your choosing.

For additional information, please contact Eugene to discuss your specific needs: