Technical Support / Outsourcing

AnsaVoice has provided tech support services for both large (Cittio / Barracuda Networkds etc) companies as well as many start ups. We have extensive experience providing tech support services since 1985.

Offering both Tier 1 and Tier 2 Technical Support.

Call Patching - directly connecting the caller to your on-call person Worldwide.

Web Answering - Trouble Ticket Issuing. When a person calls your company, a custom web page that you provide, pops up on our screen when we answer your call. We fill out all the information on your web template and issue a trouble ticket number that you show to the calling party. We then patch the call to your on-call person.

In Addition:

We provide Web Access to your call information via our web portal.
A copy of all calls are emailed to you free of charge.
We do not charge to email or text message to cell phones/pagers.
We do not charge any telecom fees for dialing up your on-call staff either in the USA or OVERSEAS.
We offer time of day routing solutions or overflow routing capabilities.

Please call us at (800) 909-2672 or Email Us to discuss your specific needs.

For additional information, please contact Eugene to discuss your specific needs: