AnsaVoice Summary of Services

24 Hr Live Service , Voice Mail or a combination of both for:

Service Businesses ex. Plumbers, Electricians etc.

Tech Support Companies with Tier 1 & 2 Technical Support

Medical Support Services / Doctors-Medical Offices

Real Estate & Apartment Complex After Hour Support Services

24 x 7 Technical Support Services / After Hours Emergency Services

Tier 1 & 2 Technical Support Services also available

WEB Answering - Trouble Ticket issuing. When a client calls your company, your web page pops up & we can fill out all the information on your web template & issue trouble tickets etc.


24 x 7 Service for Customer Support / Technical Support / Emergency Services

24 x 7 Front Office Receptionist - Answer & Transfer / Live or Automated

Call Patching - Direct Connect

Virtual Office Services

Receptionist Live, Automated or a combination of both.

Call Directory

Answer/Transfer Acts exactly like a PBX for businesses that have multiple locations or where employees/partners work from various locations. When a call is received from any landline or mobile phone and after the person speaks with the caller, they can at anytime transfer the caller to another person.

On-Call Scheduling and multi-location/people routing/searching/patching

Web Based Access

Call Conferencing

Cell Phone Call screening Announces the name of the person before you answer.

Time Zone or Time of Day Call Routing/Switching of your calls.

Enhanced Voice Mail Services

Voice Mail w/Caller ID - Also we will pass thru the Caller ID to your cell phone.

Voice Mail messages emailed to you

Cell Phone Notification of messages

Web Based Access

Fax Integration - Great way to receive your faxes when traveling.

Call Return - Dial out nationwide from your voice mail box & International CallBack

Voice - Fax - Outlook - email Integration - Access msgs/faxes/update via internet

‘On-Call’ scheduling - Takes callers to on-call person(s)...fully customized & changeable

Auto Attendant w/name & extension Directory: Press 1... 2... etc...

Press ‘0’ (Live Operator) service from voice mail or Live Answer w/VM Transfer

IVR Applications: Automated Question/Response services

Additional Services:

FREE email and text messaging to any cell phone or pager

Local & 800 Numbers

Order Entry / On-Line Web Scheduling

Virtual Office Solutions w/Virtual PBX & Open Architecture Switching

Custom Applications & Outsourcing Solutions

For additional information, please contact Eugene to discuss your specific needs: